Frustration Nation

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it on here before or not but London has an upcoming surgery…nay….HAD an upcoming surgery. I don’t won’t to divulge the juicy details but let’s just say it’s “boy problems”. We had it scheduled for the middle of May then due to all his hospitalizations in March and April it was postponed to the end of May. Then it was cancelled by the doctor and rescheduled for early June and then it was rescheduled by the doctor for late June.


Seriously doc, get it together! This wouldn’t be such an annoyance if it didn’t take so much planning. Since we moved we have to plan dates to drive 10 hours to get there, arrange hotel reservations and then make sure London’s genetics team is on point with the surgery as well. Most surgeries require fasting the night before which is impossible for Wee Man so we have to arrange to be pre-admitted the night prior for a D-10 drip and make sure a geneticist will be available during the time of the surgery. All this hopscotching on my calendar is killing me. After the fourth time to move the surgery date the hubs and I decided to see if we could transfer the surgery to a closer doctor. This sounded like a great idea until I remembered we had a genetics appointment set for the dates of his what was supposed to be surgery dates. I figured I’d just call to reschedule that appointment. Well our geneticist is going to be on maternity leave until December and since it’s a basic check-up it seemed ridiculous to drive 10 hours for that. This is what made us decide to transfer our genetic care and “boy problem” doctor to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston.

I honestly didn’t think this would be that big of a deal but it is…it’s a freakin pain in my rear. The “boy problem” doctor said they’d call and make arrangements…they didn’t. So we had to make an appointment to meet the new doctor and establish London as a patient before we can schedule his surgery. Then we had to fill out a bajillion forms to transfer medical records from OU Children’s Hospital to Texas Children’s. On a lighter note London’s new geneticist is one of the best in the country…what what!!!

My patience has been tried but I know it will all level out eventually and all will be perfect. This whole process is just the pits though. So since this is my blog to express my emotions I can complain here if I want too!

Now that I’ve got my Bi***-Fit out of the way I will start being positive and thinking we only have to drive 4 hours instead of 10. Another plus is that their is an IKEA in Houston….we love ourselves some IKEA!

The silver lining has been found ladies and gents. Luckily we arranged to have both our genetics appointment and “boy problems” appointment on the same day and within 2 hours of each other as well. I can’t complain about that. I suppose it’s official though we are Texans. We were clutching onto our beloved Oklahoma with staying at OU Children’s but now we’ll just have to swallow our pride and go with the flow.

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5 thoughts on “Frustration Nation

  1. Wow – that’s enough to do anyone’s head in!
    There’s already stress aplenty worrying about your child and how best to support him without the rescheduling and bureaucratic process.
    I’m sure it’ll all turn out well – fab that you’ve linked up with such a great geneticist.

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