From Workaholic to Stay-at-Home Mommy

Before London was born in March of 2013 I was one of those women who absolutely loved going into work. I was blessed to have found the industry that brings me joy. Every morning I was excited to get to go into the store. I was the assistant manager/social media marketing manager for Collins Diamonds, my in-laws business. I never imagined working in the jewelry industry, however, I fell in love with the job. I was able to play with sparkling diamonds ALL day. Sounds tough right? *insert sarcasm here* Well once I became pregnant things began to change. I had to prepare for the arrival of a tiny human who was about to alter everything I knew about daily life. When my due date started to approach I began thinking I would take maternity leave for 6-8 weeks and be back in the store ASAP. Since it is our family’s business I figured I’d just bring little man along with me to work.

About a month and a half before London arrived I was put on maternity leave by my husband. Not my choice, but towards the end I was miserable and not exactly the kindest person. I swear pregnancy made me temporarily mean. Even I got sick of my short temper in those last few weeks. What was I supposed to do until our baby boy arrived? Clean, redecorate a few rooms, get lots of home projects done and read up on how to be a supermommy. More realistically it was sleep in until noon since London liked to kick all night long and I couldn’t get to sleep until like 4. My days weren’t spent improving the house. Instead my days were filled with lots of Netflix, waddling to the bathroom a thousand times a day and eating everything in our kitchen. In retrospect it was probably the best thing for me to do since I rarely get to just veg out on the couch anymore.

On March 13, 2013 London came into this world after one horrible labor and delivery experience. Once we came home everything changed improved. My desire to get back to work was almost non-existent. All I wanted to do was love on our new bundle of joy. The first two weeks my husband was able to stay home with me to help out as I recovered from my emergency c-section. Luckily my in-laws came and stayed with us during this time and were such an incredible help. Seriously I can never express how grateful I was for them to be here. Then the day came that my husband returned to work, my in-laws left and it was just me and baby, one on one. The following week was when I brought up the possibility of working from home to my husband and in-laws. My main job at our store was doing the social media marketing. The great thing about this job is that it can be done from anywhere! After some lengthy conversations we decided to try it out. What do you know…..I fell in love with staying at home. Now I am bound and determined to be the best stay-at-home/work-from-home mommy. I mean c’mon I let my kid watch unlimited amount of Yo Gabba Gabba, play with his toys whenever he wants, travel to fun places with him and get down on his level and crawl around the house with him. Poor kid, he’s forced to have a great time!

Being able to still dedicate a portion of my day to the family business gave me a peace of mind that I wasn’t losing something I adored. Thankfully I have still been able to maintain the success of our marketing from our home. Even though what used to take me only thirty minutes now takes about two hours to do I still enjoy my position. Instead of waking up, getting dressed in my cute dresses with heels I wake up change into a fresh pair of yoga pants and feel like a boss when I’m able to shower that day. Instead of working from a neatly organized desk while listening to pandora, I now work from practically any room in our home while playing with a baby. Be it working from the floor, nursery, bedroom, front porch, kitchen or even laundry room I am going to get the job done. I’ve found the best time to get my days work completed is to stay up after London is fast asleep in his crib and totally kill my to-do list. Don’t get me wrong…I by no means have my ocd organized approach to how and when things get done. I do make sure everything is done my a deadline. It may get done at the very last minute but hey it gets done!

I’ve retired my coffee breaks for diaper changes, my high heels for flats, my socializing on the daily with customers for talking in a chipmunk voice to get my baby boy to giggle. This is a pretty good trade if I do say so myself. I’m not able to clock out for breaks or lunch, I don’t get vacation time and my new boss is highly unreasonable when it comes to getting his way. Being a Mom is the hardest job I’ve ever done yet at the same time to funnest, most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Writing this blog has now been interrupted by changing a wet diaper, calming down a fussy teething baby, singing the theme song to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and playing a few round of stacking cups. This blog would have taken me a mere ten minutes to write pre-baby. It now takes at minimum thirty minutes.

There are pros and cons to being a stay-at-home Mom. Cons being that I rarely get out of the house. I almost never get “ME” time. I miss seeing tons of people on a daily basis. Pros being that I get to wake up to the cutest little guy every single morning. I get to watch my son grow up day to day. I get to visit family more. I get to spend my afternoons at the park and not behind a computer. The best pro of all has got to be that I get to experience the most precious years of London’s life right alongside him. Cuddling him has got to be tops too. Sure there is TONS of crying, lots of diapers to change, major mood swings and that’s just me. Sometimes it feels like I’m doing absolutely everything wrong.

For reals though there are times that I want to pull my hair out, curl into the fetal position, take a shot of whiskey and give up. Somehow though God gives me to sanity every day to keep it together.

From makes sales to pushing a stroller I’m loving my new transition and am finally feeling like I’ve got a rhythm going. *knock on wood* I’d love to continue this post and dig extremely deep but I’d much rather wrap this up and play with this little cutie patootie!

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2 thoughts on “From Workaholic to Stay-at-Home Mommy

  1. I don’t think people realize how hard it is to be home with children 24/7 by bedtime I am usually ready for a shot of whiskey too. I have an army of 3 though so if it isn’t 1 child it’s another. ;)

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