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A few days ago a friend contacted me via our blog’s FB page about a photo she had seen on Pinterest. “I was going through Pinterest and…….is that London?!?”

968022_10152389597732376_445365301_n (1)

Sure enough it is! I had completely forgotten about the blog post I wrote and share on Pinterest about #babyselfies (you can find the original post HERE). Obviously I knew London was good at taking selfies but apparently he is a lot better at it than I thought since he is now a meme. Of course I think London’s pic is the best but I gotta tip my hat to these other tiny photographers…too freaking cute!



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Easter Recap

I’m finally around to getting an Easter recap up on the blog here. Easter is always one of my favorite holidays. I was raised in a wonderfully christian home so this holiday holds a very special meaning to me. I mean c’mon Jesus died for my sins so that I could live a life free from sins that’s pretty awesome! It is also a chance to get together with family and celebrate. Typically my grandma makes a delicious spread for lunch after church and basically arranges with the entire family what is going to happen. Well this year she decided being in Australia was more important….it’s cool I’m over it now but it was up to the rest of us to figure it out. We decided to go to my hometown church then my Dad’s for lunch. We all cooked different dishes and it turned out perfectly!

easter2014 003

Look how handsome my boys looked! I’m super duper lucky to call them mine :)

easter2014 004

I love that London is beginning to smile on cue for pictures now, he’s such a ham.

easter2014 006

This church is the church I grew up in. I sang my first solo in this church, was baptized here, married here and celebrated many important moments here. It will forever be my home church!


This would be my boys impatiently waiting for lunch to be served. I should have taken a photo of our spread. I actually cooked a pot roast. I never cook, although I’m beginning to and starting to LOVE it.


Since London is still a bit too young to do an Easter egg hunt we opted to just do an Easter basket. We had the basket from last year, my Aunt bought it for London and it is beyond adorable. We filled it with a cute book, bubbles shaped like eggs, sidewalk chalk and peeps. Nothing to insane but Wee Man can’t get enough bubbles and he goes to town on peeps. He did share some of them with his loving Mommy and for that I am extremely grateful and satisfied, lol.

easter2014 007 easter2014 011 easter2014 012

On a side note….We arrived early, EARLY folks to church. That never ever happens. Honestly we were feeling accomplished at that moment until we smelled it. London had a monumental diaper of disgusting proportions. While Colton was changing him in the car London got poop on his dapper vest so thank goodness we got a picture of it because that poor article of clothing will never be the same.

Easter 2014 was good to us. It’s crazy to think that the next holiday we celebrate will happen at our new home in Corpus Christi, TX!


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Cow Chip 2014

First off let me start this post by saying HAPPY EASTER! We hope you and your family have a truly amazing day. Second let me follow that up with a recap from our Cow Chip experience yesterday. In my good ‘ol hometown of Beaver, OK there is an annual celebration known as Cow Chip. The main event is the cow chip throw. Yes, you read that right…..people fling moo poo and whoever throws it the farthest wins. In addition to this beloved event there is a craft/hobby show, carnival, parade, concerts and tons of other fun things to do. It’s definitely a small town USA kind of celebration which makes it a neat event to go to at least once in your lifetime. I’ve been every year of my life except for 4 years I believe.

So without further adieu here is our cow chippin good time in photos :) ENJOY

London and I met up with my Dad at his store to watch the parade, it’s a prime location!

023 025

Downing’s Market is celebrating their 50th year so it’s only natural that Wee Man take his picture next to this big sign.


…and here ya go…the parade

028 029 031

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls feast your eyes on the mobile cow chip. Yes sir’ee someone made a piece of poop you can drive.

032 035 036 038 039 042

One of my favorite parts is getting a gen-u-ine saspirilla, DELICIOUS!

047 048

We even took London on some rides. Since he had done the teacups at Disneyland I figured the Tubs ‘O Fun would be nothing. He was a pro at them.

052 053

London’s favorite ride was the cars. He rode these over and over and over.

054 055

Against my better wishes Colton and London did the ferris wheel and surprisingly they secured London extremely well and both my boys loved this one.

056 057

…..and yet another go on his beloved cars.


Catching some snuggles with Grandpa.


It may not be the most outrageous display but to me it’s part of where I grew up and where I come from. Oddly enough to me the Cow Chip celebration is home.


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Nothing to report

To many bloggers having nothing to report is no bueno. The fact that this MCADD mommy has nothing to report is fan-freakin-tastic. We have reported FAR too many hospital stays lately. It’s so nice to be able to say life has been relatively uneventful.

Life is just so much better when it is not revolving around IV drips, needles and lab work. One plus is the fact that our perfect little boy has been back to his usual self for over a week now!!! He’s still got a cough but it’s nothing we can’t manage from home. Ahhhh it’s honestly kind of weird how happy I am to say life has been pretty basic. We’ve had birthday’s to celebrate this week and tomorrow we will be celebrating the annual cow chip celebration in Beaver, OK (yep, cow chips=cow poop, more on that later) but our days consist of waking up at our own leisure, eating good non-hospital food and being able to play freely. Having nothing to do other than usual day to day stuff has been pretty sensational. The stress isn’t near as intense as it has been. I’m actually getting excited to pack all of our belongings up and move 13 hours away with a toddler in tow. Going through what we have gone through helps to keep things in perspective. We may not live a wildly exciting life but we live one that is ideal for our family. Pssh I bet y’all are on the edges of your seats wanting to know more about that uber classy cow chip celebration I mentioned previously. Well you are in for a treat with this weekend blog post. Although it’s evident that loads of excitement is to be had shortly for the Bartel family right now I am screaming it through the blogosphere “HI DIDDLE EEE DEE IT’S A MUNDANE LIFE FOR ME”!  Heck when I say it that way it sounds bad but really people this is a good thing, lol.

One thing that will never ever be mundane though is taking and sharing pictures of London.

Lately Wee Man has been looking WAY TOO big. I’m planning to have a talk with him about this matter very soon. His new thing he does is during breakfast he will stick chewed up pieces of his food to his body, note the french toast on his nip, weirdo!

photo 1

I planned to make our recent Target run as brief as possible. I wasn’t even going to look anywhere else in the store except the section I actually NEEDED something from. We all know how that goes. I did buy what I went in for but I also bought some new wedges, their an investment to my shoe collection and London managed to go home with a football and basketball from the dollar sections. Target dolla bin for the win!

photo 2

Another new development is this cuteness. London has been sleeping with his hands like this and it is pretty much the most tender thing I’ve ever seen.

 photo 4


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Quarter of a Century

Well folks I am officially 1/4 of the way to being 100. I’m at the peak of my twenties and can actually say without a doubt that this phase of life that I’m in right now is simply wonderful. My birthday started off very simple. I woke up to London and we had a late breakfast then went to visit that handsome husband of mine at work for a bit. I had planned to meet my Dad and Stepmom for dinner later that evening. Little did I know my hubby and best friend had been plotting a surprise party and even got my Dad in on it. I’m never one to be surprised since I’m typically the one planning everything so it was kind of nice to be able to experience it from the other side. I was so shocked, I couldn’t believe it. Some of my favorite people ever were there and we had a fantastic evening with a lot of CHEERS involved. I could keep going on and on but I’ll just share the party through pics. Now give me a break on the pics this time. I didn’t even take my camera so iphone pics it is!

London didn’t want any sweets at his birthday party last month but he was going to town on Mommy’s bday cupcakes. He is my child after all….I knew that sweet tooth would eventually show up.

iphone5picsandvideos 027 iphone5picsandvideos 026

I’ve got an obsession with cupcakes and other than popcorn they are my food of choice. It was only natural that we had tons of them everywhere. Ironically enough the cake I had the entire night was the birthday cake shot I had. This was after London went home with the grandparents of course, I’m responsible like that.

iphone5picsandvideos 028 iphone5picsandvideos 029

I adore my sweet little family. We have been teaching London to “celebrate” so he will raise his arms up and say “YAY” only on occasion. He does say TOGA and HEY DUDE so we consider that quite the accomplishment for our mini party animal.

iphone5picsandvideos 031 iphone5picsandvideos 032

This would be my bff, my love bug and London’s fav Auntie. Rikki helped my hubs and Dad plan the perfect celebration for me. I love this crazy girl. As you can see London does too!

iphone5picsandvideos 033

The feather boa made it’s way around the party but sadly enough only the men wore it, lol.

iphone5picsandvideos 034 iphone5picsandvideos 035

I’m kind of blessed to have this guy in my life. He’s been by my side since I was in High School and he continues to be my rock. I love my husband!!!

iphone5picsandvideos 038

….and of course the infamous after party pic. Poor lighting, a table full of drinks, tons of friends and lots of demolished appetizers…..yep it was a good night!

iphone5picsandvideos 039


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