The Great Debate

Motherhood doesn’t allot much time for primping in the mornings so typically I try to squeeze in a quick shower/bath sometime during naptime and God willing I attempt to do my hair and makeup. The only problem is there is usually only time to really either do my hair OR my makeup, not both.

I’m a girly girl to the core minus the obsession most girly girls have with pink. I love doing my makeup and I always feel so much more beautiful when my hair is done. This is where a major decision comes into play during my day. Do I do my hair? Do I do my makeup?

I’m a slave to a ponytail.

romy move

The time involved in pulling my locks back into a rubberband is monumentally fast so for obvious reasons this is my go to hairstyle. So much so that when I do actually style my hair I forget how badly I need a haircut. I tried to straighten it the other day and WOWZERS. I forgot I was still in the process of growing my bangs out so I look like I’m rocking a nappy mullet. I know what you’re thinking, calm down the hottness!

The good thing with rocking a ponytail is that I can put on my war paint makeup. I’m one of those girls who desperately needs mascara. Without it my lashes are so fine you can barely see them. Thank goodness for 3d Fiber Lashes mascara from Younique! There is also something about swiping on a fierce color of lipstick that just makes me feel so feminine and fabulous.


A big down side to only doing your makeup is that sometimes certain shades of lipstick are worthy of BIG Texas hair. Make fun of me if you want but I swear every time I get out of the shower I ask myself the big question “Do I go with hair or makeup?!?!” It’s coming down to a mathematical equation. It’s all about the time variable. Let me just say this though….on those days when I am able to go all out on both I feel as if I can conquer the world!!!


Bartel, Party of 3

Weekends that combine hanging out with my boys are the best. I especially like the laidback ones filled with pizza, shopping, cupcakes and discovering something new together. We decided to try B&J’s pizza place for the first time and YUM! It was incredible!!! London definitely approved of all the cheesy pepperoni goodness.

photo 1 (11) photo 3 (6) photo 2 (10)

Colton has been needing to get a new laptop for a while now. After months of debating which one to purchase he finally gave in and asked someone for advice. Thank goodness he did because he ended up getting one and it works perfectly for his needs. Walking out of Best Buy was the best, lol, Colton was all smiles and Wee Man wasn’t super excited to not get anything. Spoiled much?

photo 4 (4)

We decided to lift his spirits by taking him to ride some of rides at the old mall. It always makes me so sad going to Sunrise Mall. There is so much potential there but there is only a dollar theater (which we love), a bunch of coin operated rides and a Burlington Coat Factory. There are one or two other stores in there but I can’t recall the names. Any ways we go here to let London cut lose and ride his beloved Barney car.

photo 5 (3)

On the way home we made a quick stop at mommy’s favorite place, Smallcakes cupcake shop. My inner fat kid was loving it.

photo 1 (14)

Our weekend was low key but it was just the way we like it. One more thing I just HAVE to mention is our new found love. Cotton Candy grapes!!!

photo 2 (11)

These are a must try and if you don’t immediately go online to find where you can get your own batch well then I don’t think we can go on being friends. Just kidding, but seriously go get some!!!

Weekend Recap

Now that it’s almost the weekend I will finally get to doing last weekend recap, lol. We were fortunate to have my Dad and Stepmother come visit for a few days. They came down to Corpus one day and all stayed in San Antonio for a few days. We were extremely excited to be staying at the JW Marriott Hill Country. I had never been before so it was nice to go somewhere new and just escape from reality. The family did lots of shopping, eating, goofing off and fun in the sun. Of course amongst all the family fun we had to stop to watch the OU game. This past weekend is what makes life so sweet. I hate that we live so far away from my side of the family but it makes the time we spend together that much more sweet. We love my Dad and Stepmother, Lori like crazy and cannot wait to see them over the holidays at some point.

(Excuse the poor photo quality. I totally forgot my actual camera and my iphone has been taking some pretty shotty pics lately)



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In other exciting news London’s Toddler Room Post has been featured on Fly Little Guy!  We LA LA LA LOVE Fly Little Guy so being featured on their site is a huge honor for us!!!!


I don’t know what it is about social media today but every time I check my newsfeed it is filled with the sweetest parent quotes and the most inspiring articles about children. Truth though, I have cried at least twice today from these bad boys. While reading them it got me thinking about where I saw my life going and where it is now.

Growing up I was positive I would be a world famous celebrity or perhaps the next big fashion designer. Spoiler alert…I was into fashion design before Project Runway was cool….total hipster up in here. I always thought I would live in New York or LA maybe even Paris. My humble abode would be a killer urban loft that I would host parties that everyone would be talking about for months. The kind of party that LMFAO would base their next hit single off of.

party zebra at disco

Let’s look at how things have played out. I am married to my best friend. I’m London’s mommy. We live in Corpus Christi, TX. I’m a stay at home mom who is also a work from home mom. Instead of accepting that Academy Award I’m accepting a tiny pebble that the sweetest toddler in the world picked up at some point in our day and chose to give it to me. Any Mom knows that it’s those random gifts that mean the most. No idea I had concocted in my earlier years could even compare to how beautifully my life has unfolded.

Things that my 16 year old self would have cringed at make me weak in the knees. For instance when my husband is snoring so loudly I can’t sleep and he’s coating his pillow with drool I don’t grimace in disgust but I think of how blessed I am that I get the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with such an amazing man. Sure, sometimes he gets WAY to into college football. He likes putting butter on everything and this makes me slightly nauseous. Quirks and all he is my world. He loves me when I haven’t showered in days. He makes me feel like a million dollars on those days when I feel like I am below rock bottom. I’m pretty much the luckiest girl in the world basically.


“ME” time is non-existent since the arrival of our son London 18 months ago. Errands take 7 times longer than they used to. Thank goodness my go-to hairstyle is a ponytail anyways because I can practically count the number of times I have used my flat iron in the last year on one hand. I didn’t end up with a jam packed schedule requesting my presence and an agent who only landed me the hottest gigs. I am filling my days watching the truest joy in the purest form. That belly laugh that ensues during a fun swing session at the park is far better than hitting up Rodeo Drive with the Kardashians. The little eyes that peak around the corner at me followed by the slow smile that is filled with adoration and love kicks my preconceived notion of having paparazzi follow me around. Who knew I would birth my best friend in the world?

photo 1 (10)

My car karaoke performances have changed drastically too. BC (Before Child) I would belt out some questionable lyrics complete with chest thrusting and Beyonce esque motions. Now it’s all about nailing all the different voices from some of Disney’s hottest songs. Sebastian- CHECK! Pumba-CHECK! Olaf-CHECK! Anything to make that doll baby sitting in the backseat smile and giggle is sure to be done. That party life MTV made me think I would be living pales in comparison to London’s chipper disposition.

SUCK IT 16 YEAR OLD ME! Life has turned out to be nothing like I thought it would, thank God for that. I haven’t had any crazy life plans or dreams like I did in high school for a while. I figured it was because my drive had subsided. Quite contrary actually…..I’m living the ultimate dream! Days may bring tough times, fun time, sad times and confusing times but without a doubt these are the best of times!!!!!

Labor Day in Port A

Happy un-official beginning of Fall y’all. Today marks the beginning of Fall in my mind. We had an absolute blast today goofing off. Our Labor Day started off meeting my Stroller Strides girls and their families at Fajitaville on North Beach for lunch and fun. As per usual London saw the beach and couldn’t get enough. Most of our morning was spent trying to pry Wee Man out of the water. After lunch we decided to take a trip to Port Aransas and act like total tourists. We shopped at all the kitchy stores, ate cupcakes, sipped iced coffee and drove along the water.

photo 1 (1) 10641233_10152757954176535_6272235764358968792_n

photo 1 (6) photo 1 (7)

photo 2 (5)

photo 3 (1)

photo 4 (1)

photo 4 (2) photo 3 (3)

photo 3 photo 4

photo 2 (6) photo 2 (4) photo 1 (9)

photo 5 (2)

No road trip would be complete without a mini dance party from London in the backseat.

BUH BYE Summer, Hello Fall!!!!

Say Cheese!

My dear friend Kelly with Kelly Lea Photography  is doing Back to School Minis on Sunday, September 21st from 6-8pm. She was such a gem and asked if London could be one of her models for the promo pics. As expected she hit it out of the park with these photos. She’s kickass in everything so it was a guarantee her pictures wouldn’t be anything short of phenomenal.







Kelly found a grungy old school desk and refinished it in a funky teal. The end results of this photoshoot still have me in awe!




When we moved to Corpus Christi I was so worried we wouldn’t find a photographer we loved as much as did Edlin with E.M. Photography. While nothing can and never will replace my Edlin love we are feeling very at home with Kelly. It means so much knowing such talented people who adore our little guy. We’ve got family photos coming up in October with Kelly so the search for outfits for that has commenced.

Is it Halloween Yet?

This will without a doubt not be the most fascinating post but I am so excited for Halloween I cannot stand it! So since this is my blog I’ll do as I wish and right now I wish to share my Halloween excitement!!!

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Seriously though does it not make you anxious when you notice it’s almost September, which means it is practically October?!?! I’m not a huge Pumpkin Spice Latte girl but I am huge on ghosts, candy corns and everything black. Ahhhh black…’s my favorite hue in all the land. Fortunately my family allows me to let my crazy show even more this time of year. One of the girls at the store asked if we would be decorating for Halloween. This question was answered with “Do you know Morgan?” LOL I guess it’s pretty evident that Halloween and me go hand in hand.